From Backyard Tanning to Hydro Facials: My Skin Care Revelation with Charlotta’s Team

I have been visiting Charlotta and her team for many years and always have had a positive experience.

I began in my early 30s layering a few treatments per year that Charlotta advised would help to stay ahead of the curve of getting wrinkly and old. I personally felt in my gut that it would be smart to start giving a lil more love to my skin considering that I abused it so badly in my early life by tanning in foil with baby oil in the backyard thinking my 13-year-old self was just sooo cool. Also as an athlete too I never wore sunscreen back then, major skin party foul.

I think I started with the hydro facials which I think is my absolute favorite treatment to this day, and all of her staff have a very consistent technique to always soothe and relax my face muscles and add lots of moisture and all the good vitamins and stuff( which btw automatically reduces your wrinkles from forming daaaa). What my world would look like without Charlotta and her team taking care of my skin, I don’t know. Now her site makes it even more accessible and I love it! I am blessed to have found her for sure.

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